The 6th most serious mass extinction event

The 6th most serious mass extinction event

The 6th most serious mass extinction event

I will soon live in a beautiful forest. 

In the summers I will share my forest with millions of mosquitos, I kid you not! literally millions live in my garden. I don’t like them but they really seem to love me. I guess being Irish I am a delicacy for a Polish Mosquito. Like a big fat bar of white (sometimes red) chocolate. 

Once I read about a laser that can burn their wings, if it was a real thing I would already have them on every tree in the garden. Sadly they are not a real thing… yet. I may still invent it. 

I bet not many people would disagree with me, and only a small few would be shocked at the thought of me melting Mosquito’s wings with my magic laser.

Just imagine I said the same thing about the bees in my garden?

Hey peeps I’m Melting Bee’s wings with my little laser

Bee’s are the most famous of all the dying insects, so beautiful, colorful, buzzy and friendly that sometimes we forget the other guys need our help too. 

Like the hairy ugly little black things which land on our iced coffee. Bite our white bellies or scare the kids at the bottom of the bathtub. 

The 6th most serious mass extinction event

Insects are ugly – fact

Most insects really are kinda ugly, a lot look scary and some are a bloody pain in the ass. 

Not the bees though, they are super cute.  I probably know some people who would beat you to death if you hurt a bee. These are also the same people who would happily order my laser gun for the not-so-cute insects. 

Yea, we dislike the majority of insects, bloody pests. However, they do have a really important role in keeping the world alive, I’m here to inform you that it’s not just the bee’s job! 

So, for that reason, I am taking my laser off the list of things I need to invent before I die.
Sorry Kickstarter nerds!

Let’s get serious

Did you know that 40% of the insect population around the world is declining, to the point where researchers are calling it the 6th most serious mass extinction event? It’s going to have some serious knock-on effects for the number one predator. 

33% of all insect species are categorized as endangered. Knowing humans, this probably ain’t gonna get any better over the next few years. Jeez we know climate change is hurting humans and we don’t act properly. Who is going to care about the ugly bugs?

Well, I am, kinda… I guess and I hope maybe our three readers will too. That makes four of us. I think that’s a pretty good place to begin our journey to repopulate the insect world. 

The 6th most serious mass extinction event

My new friends

So remember! This summer when you are out enjoying your walk in the forest and one of my little buddies bites you, try not to squish him. He is an important part of your future here on Earth… kinda… well… maybe if it’s self-defense a little squish won’t hurt… I guess it’s still ok if it’s only a mosquito… but leave the bloody bees alone… you damn monsters.

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