“Sustainability – Our voice doesn’t matter” – by Paulski

Sustainability – Our voice doesn’t matter

Whatever your personal view of how “a sustainable world” should look, or your thoughts on how you think we should “solve climate change”.

Well just like ours… your opinion really doesn’t matter anymore, I’m sorry!

You are not important, your voice is not loud enough and you simply can’t afford to get your message across to the right audience. 


That’s because any terms even loosely centered around the word “Sustainability” have become a marketer’s dream! For a long time now it’s the big brands and marketing organizations, who have been helping to destroy the world, and fill it with cheap mass-produced shit, are going after the buzz words you and I type when we want to know more about what’s really going on.

That means if you want to talk about a topic that scares or concerns you, Facebook and Google will get to decide:

A: should we show your words of wisdom to people with a similar interest, or…
B: Should we earn money from P&G to show those people these new sustainably marked diapers.

Hmm… I wonder which way Fukkerburg will bend?

Sadly the movement (if there ever really was one) is not owned by the people who care. It’s owned by the people with marketing money and the influencers who already have traction… although they kinda want that marketing money too.

Influencers… don’t get me started. Anybody with more than 5k followers on Instagram who claims to care about the earth but only ever shares images of them drinking a lemon-flavored fizzy drink can go fcuk right off.


I’m also pretty concerned about who will change my adult diapers in 30 years’ time. If everybody else is going to be vlogging, but that’s next week’s blog.


What’s the solution to a more sustainable world?

The only way to change the world, for the better, is by sharing critical content until the rest of the world sits up and begins to listen and then shares too. Solutions won’t come until all humans (or most of us) are shouting about real change. How likely is that over the next few critical years? Not very, I guess. 

And somehow I still write these dumb-ass grumpy blogs, knowing that I’m only making Aga happy …and Paulina a tiny bit less angry.

Once a week I scream into the darkness while P&G and friends are softly telling my target audience that everything is going to be ok so long as the diapers are sustainably leakproof.

Who do we have to scream at the masses before it’s too late? 

Who? Greta? Ok, I’m grumpy on the inside, but jeez, she looks mean as hell. I respect her but I’m not sure I would have the patience to listen to her scream statistics at me for 10 mins. 

She is without a doubt a great spokesperson for change, but she is talking to all the wrong people. Governments and politicians don’t have the skills (or the will) to fix things. Elon could start to fix it if you could make him listen.


But I think he is already 90% mentally living on Mars. If I haven’t already mentioned it – Fu*k you Bezos. 

Greta needs to shout at the innovators, not the governments or corporations

Seriously, somebody needs to be shouting at the innovators! For example Google, Fookbook can solve a lot of global problems with a few key changes to their algorithm. 

If they promoted the organic voices for change above and beyond the paid voices of destruction, I swear to Elon, corporations would finally sit up and listen. 

Also don’t we think it would be in the interest of Fookbook to support human life on earth. I mean wouldn’t the big tech giants still like to exploit humans in 20 years time? Is it sustainable to let the world die tomorrow because of a quick P&G marketing deal today?

Sadly, we all know the answer…

Change will happen

The change will happen when most of the world unites to speak about the problems. When our combined voice can shame the greenwashers and support the real sustainable innovators. 

When that happens, more and more businesses will be forced to find greener ways of achieving their quarterly profits. And that’s not a bad thing for them; they can do it and still make money. 

But right now it’s a cost they don’t have to factor – this quarter, above and beyond the marketing message. 

So why should they change? As long as they can slow the spread of shameful content they can steam towards the next quarter. Knowing one grumpy old Irish Guy in Poland and his 5 readers can’t hurt them.

 Because my voice, just like yours, doesn’t matter. Although I do like to hear myself screaming into the darkness. 

Sustainable Hugs! Paulski 


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