“How not to kill your grandchildren”

Without immediate and sustained action, the annual flow of plastic into our oceans
could more than triple in under 20 years. 

I think we all agree that there is already way too much plastic in the world’s oceans, right?


..ok maybe we don’t all agree but we mostly all agree.

Isn’t it sad that I know more about Kim and Kanye’s latest marital dispute than I do about the huge garbage patches covering parts of the oceans? I’m not even a fan of these two, but the algorithms seem to believe sleazy entertainment is more important in my newsfeed than some of the real crises facing mankind. 

Perhaps the algorithm thinks I don’t really care. The truth is I care (kinda), sometimes… but I don’t always act in the best interest of the planet. Very few of us do. I try to sort my waste, I try to buy less plastic but most of the time unconsciously I still create far too much plastic waste.

I know that my plastic waste is finding its way back into our food chain, ocean wildlife and birds. But I am unwillingly addicted to plastic.

Actually, I don’t have many options, if I need to buy water, coffee or juice on the way to the office then I need plastic. This forced addiction is our normal.  


My son is seven years old. It means the plastic I am using today will still be around to harm him and his children and even their children. We don’t need studies to show us that if we keep producing plastics at our current rate (and more sinisterly at projected rates) kilo for kilo the plastic in our oceans will outweigh all marine life by 2050.

Did you know that plastic production hasn’t really changed for more than 50 years? They didn’t ever need to innovate plastic production because it serves a seemingly more important human need. While we haven’t yet used technology and great minds to solve the historic problems of excessive plastic use and production. Innovation and technology have streamlined its path from production to oceans to the food chain. So our greatest minds have used technology to speed up the problems.  

Today plastic production accounts for 6 percent of global oil production, this will grow to 20% by 2050. So production will have a dramatic effect on global carbon emissions and therefore global temperatures.

But don’t worry, the world’s elite billionaires and thought leaders are working on an innovative solution to the plastic problem.

This will enable you and me to continue cramming the plastic crap they sell into our oceans.

And thanks to them you will be able to save your grandchildren. Provided you can afford a one-way ticket to the colony. Or you could join me and ask the world to stop using plastic. Sadly, the one-way ticket is more realistic. 


All joking aside, I am sure we are capable of solving these problems. But it won’t be one single fix by one single person… Unless! Plastic waste begins to hurt Bezos and his profit margins. 

Every little bit does and will help but right now the best solution is to start saving for a ticket. 

Helpful solution: Support local businesses. Check out the brands we have on Susteo! it won’t solve the plastic crisis but it might take a few pennies out of Bezo’s pockets and that’s good too.

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