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Susteo FAQ

What is Susteo?

Susteo is an online multi-vendor marketplace that aims to promote sustainable living by supporting communities and local businesses. 

What do you mean by sustainability?

It’s our goal to use commerce (specifically e-commerce) to promote the four key pillars of sustainability: Human, social, economic, and environmental. We believe that living and buying sustainably can be supported by driving profits, jobs, and investment back into local communities.

How is Susteo different than other marketplaces?

We are driven by a commercial vision of “people over profits” pumping life, profits, and resources back into the community, and helping people to become happier, healthier, and more secure is our primary goal.

How can I contact the team at Susteo?

Please feel free to contact us at susteo@gmail.com

What is Susteo Sklep?

Susteo Sklep is our online marketplace for consumers to buy and sell eco, organic, vegan, bio, recycled, and other sustainable products and services from vendors across Poland.

How does it work for consumers?

Susteo Sklep will work just like any multi-vendor marketplace, products are listed by a specific vendor who will manage shipping and quality control of the products on offer. Vendor names will be clearly marked on each product and store page.

How can I sell sustainable products on Susteo Sklep?

If you are a manufacturer or reseller of sustainable products and services you can simply register to become a vendor (here). Once we confirm your portfolio does indeed fit our criteria of sustainable goods we will activate your account and you may upload your portfolio and build your storefront on Susteo Sklep.

What sustainable products can be bought and sold on Susteo Sklep?

Susteo Sklep will focus on products that fall into one or more of the following categories (Eco, organic, vegan, biodegradable, recycled, reusable, zero waste, and fair trade).

I make sustainable products but I do not have a registered company can I sell them on Susteo?

No, you must have a VAT registered company to sell products on Susteo Sklep, you may, however, advertise your products for free on Domowe wyroby

How much does it cost to sell products on Susteo Sklep?

Susteo Sklep vendors will pay a commission only on goods and services they sell on the platform. During the launch of Susteo Sklep there will only be a service charge to cover the cost of operating and payment gateways.

What is the return policy of Susteo?

Each Vendor is responsible for his/her own portfolio and logistics – all will be requested to offer the best possible customer service to our consumers – which will be inline, above or beyond your statutory consumer rights.

What is Lokalne Sklepy?

Lokalne Sklepy is our marketplace to help local store owners compete against bigger online stores that are driving most of the online sales & profits out of their community.

How does it work for store owners?

Lokalne Sklep gives local store owners the chance to compete for a share of the growing online market with the more hands-on customer service that small store owners are famous for.

How does it work for consumers?

Your local corner store can now service your online shopping needs and in many cases cover last-mile delivery in a more sustainable way – at a time that better suits you the consumer. The consumer has more control over the quality of goods and service that is being delivered and is supporting the local economy.

How much does it cost for a store owner to join the network and sell locally?

Currently, there is no cost to join the network and start selling products/advertising and or services into your community. If a store owner wishes to sell and ship products outside of his/her local community a sales commission will be applied.

Can I pay online for goods on Lokalne Sklepy?

Lokalne Sklepy is a click and collects service – customers will be able to order goods and pay for them at the collection point assigned by the local store owner.

Is it only sustainable products sold on Lokalne Sklep?

No, store owners can list their full portfolio of products for sale. This part of the platform is focused on driving support into local businesses.

What kind of products can I find on Lokane Sklep?

We aim to accommodate any and all types of store types and retail categories that you are likely to find operating in your local community – groceries, toys, fresh fruit, clothes to name but a few.

How can a customer find a local store?

Customers can search by specific location to find the store owner nearest to them. They can then browse through the store owner’s portfolio and select products for collection or delivery – depending on the specific store owner’s model of cooperation.

What happens if I am not satisfied with my purchases on Susteo?

You can directly communicate product issues with the specific store owner, the Susteo team is available to support disputes should support be needed from either side.

Why is it sustainable to buy corporate products on Lokane Sklepy?

Very few corporations are inherently bad, many of the products on offer do actually play a vital part in our way of life. We believe under the right circumstances a corporate product or portfolio once can again begin to support the people’s local economy. In the past communities were not built by waves of franchised corner stores but by individuals who brought value to the local economy. Lokalne Sklepy is our attempt to level the playing fields for the smaller store owners.  

What is Domowe wyroby?

Domowe Wyroby is free to use the online marketplace which will allow people to sell homemade products and services within their local community.

Why should I sell my products on Domowe Wyroby?

Domowe Wyroby offers small homemade bakers, chiefs, candle makers, etc the opportunity to generate some extra income from a skill or hobby that they may have.

Why should I buy products from Domowe Wyroby?

During the 2020 COVID outbreak many people were left without any income and Domowe Wyroby was our attempt to help people to generate even some small income from their neighborhood and the local community in times of need.

How should I sell my products on Domowe Wyroby?

You must first register as a Domowe Wyroby vendor on the site (here). Once your registration is accepted you may begin selling within this category group.

Can I take payments on Domowe Wyroby?

No you can not take online payments for this category, it is specifically for click and collect or payment upon delivery.

How can customers find my products?

Customers can search the site for products and services in their local community by using the geolocation function.

How much does it cost to sell products on Domowe Wyroby?

Providing your products are homemade and fall into our criteria of categories for Domowe Wyroby you may advertise your products for free on our platform.

Why is it sustainable to use Domowe Wyroby?

Small businesses are the backbone of any great economy/country, Domowe Wyroby is an excellent tool to get a kick start small businesses and drive more employment back into our communities. 

What is Kup i Podaruj?

Kup I Podaruj is a classified listing to allow our consumers to request, give, and donate products, services, and support to people in need in a more transparent way.

How does it work?

Site users can access Kup i Podaruj by clicking the link on the home page.

Who may use it?

Kup I Podaruj is free to use for those of us who want to give locally and also those who would need support and would like to request support.

Do I need to register to use Kup I Podaruj?

Yes, but you do not have to use your real name. You may choose a nickname, additionally, you may opt not to show all your contact details. 

How is Kup I Podaruj different from other charity sites?

We differ from other charity sites due to the nature of our giving and requesting services, unlike global or national charities you can transparently see the results of your donations while building strong relationships with like-minded people in your community.

What products can I donate on Kup I Podaruj?

We hope that users will put more focus on donating everyday products which are sometimes forgotten on major charity drives. Items such as hygiene products and everyday essentials can make a world of difference for a struggling family. 

How much does it cost to list or request a product/service?

Kup I Podaruj is free to use and always will be.

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