COP26 – UN Climate Change Conference – Who Cares?


–  UN Climate Change Conference

I’m not sure if any of our 3 readers followed the recent climate change event in Glasgow, don’t worry if you missed most of it, I can bring you up to speed pretty quickly.

A bunch of super important people in expensive suits from all over the world took some first-class flights into Glasgow. Each one had only one singular goal on their mind – “Pretend that they (on behalf of their country) care more about climate change than they do about big business donors who keep them in power”

Now you may think I’m being overly cynical, guilty as charged! But if you think I am being unfair, then you are most definitely wrong. That’s because COP26 didn’t even come close to delivering a unified global solution to urgent issues the world needs to address today! Hell, they didn’t even talk about some of the major causes – unless you agree with their narrative that coal production is climate crisis’s biggest enemy.

Some of you may try to point out that COP26 landed some of the key building blocks for change, and it did. But when did a few building blocks fix a problem so scary and blatantly obvious, never! “Hi Dear I just crashed the car – Oh honey hang on and I’ll fetch the Lego!” Do you see? Building blocks solve nothing.

I know I don’t own an expensive suit, but as dumb as I am even I know a few building blocks won’t fix anything. The problem makers need to be clearly identified and forced to change with an earth-sized bulldozer, certainly not invited to the event as a key ambassador for change.

Question: Does anyone really believe those powerful people in their expensive suits are ever going to throw big business under the bus to save our little planet?

Answer: No! At least not this suitless and cynical dude!

“I know we can get there, the Secretary-General said while closing the event. “We are in the fight of our lives. Never give up. Never retreat. Keep pushing forward. I will be with you all the way. COP27 starts now.” That’s pitch-perfect political speak.

We are in the fight for our lives

He is not “fighting for his life” – trust me! You and I know he will of course give up – when the media spotlight no longer shines on him. Do you see him as a retired board member of some fortune 500 company fighting any real fight for you and me? 

So let’s sum up. All that really happened… a bunch of wealthy people from the (Semi) United Nations joined together to try prove to the little people that they do care about the planet, that’s all that happened.

Of course, none of it would have been possible without the support of some of the world’s biggest polluters. By “it” I mean the lavish dinners and after-parties because that’s the most important part. So thank you kindly Nestle and friend for caring about the planet over profits… and a big thank you for paying for dinner! Yes, I’m being my usual sarcastic self, because I don’t know what else to do.

You and I both know Nestle doesn’t give a sh*t about the environment. 

It’s all a show and nothing will change. At least nothing which harms big business and their profits.
United Nations, governments and big businesses have known about the same issues for years and have been deaf to it because money is more important than you or me.

Why has the narrative changed? Well, the world is changing, random people are finding voices. Greta, her army of followers along with a tiny (but significant) amount of public sentiment is beginning to demand a more sustainable future for you and me. 

And even that tiny drop of public sentiment is enough to release a rabid political eagerness to please. Our true demi-gods are itching to please, from the politicians and large corporations – they want you to know they are in it with us. But let’s not mistake pleasing us for actually putting right the problems. Until you or I can buy them their summer cabins by the beach the best we can expect is smiles, half promises and a condescending pat on the back.

climate change

Was it really about climate change?

To be fair, what exactly did anybody expect the COP26 kings and queens to achieve when three of the world’s biggest polluters Russia, India & China refused to attend. Add to that the silent army of lobbyists for the oil-producing nations with suitcases of cash for any politician willing to embrace the “go easy on oil” strategy.

No matter which way you look at it, we’re all kinda screwed. Corporations can not “afford” to right the wrongs they have created… and continue to create at a rapid scale. Governments no longer really work for the majority who put them there. And innovation is typically pointed towards the solutions for gathering more of our data or cash, which will, in turn, help them sell us more plastic shit for our trip to Mars.

It’s not too late

That is not to say we can’t put things right, it’s not too late. Even though I am a doom and gloomer sometimes I think it’s never too late to right the wrongs. I truly believe most humans are decent and caring creatures who want to leave a better world for many future generations to come. If I’m honest that probably includes Musk and a few others… but not you Bezos you are a proper bastard.

If we find a way to speak with a unified voice for change, its been proven that they will all jump to attention – thank you Greta and Co. Sadly though, big money also know this and they are doing their level best to throw more money at the problem – their problem by the way is “us” (just incase you were not catching my vibe).

So they are pumping money to ensure “we” the majority never find common ground to agree on. I guess half of you will disagree 🙂

He who controls the narritive controls the world

You may hear this a lot – the minority controls the bulk of resources in this world. We kinda accept that, but what should scare you even more is the knowledge that these same few people control both sides of whatever narrative you believe.

Vaxxer? Anti-vaxxer? Trump? Biden? Abortion? Choice? No matter which side you fall on, these narratives are controlled and relentlessly pumped to you every day by the same people, who don’t want you to speak as one. 

So long as they continue to dump controversial content to our phones and tablets, they can keep us far too busy and angry with each other to unite with one clear voice.

Do you think Fukkerburg if; he wanted, could help us to unite people. Yup! but only if there was a profit in it for him. Spoiler Alert: There is not! It’s more profitable for him to hug you and me in his pretty metaverse, send us content which will keep us blissfully unaware that we are stronger together. Disclaimer – I do think this that kinda sounds cool too. 

Here is how we can save the planet

Switch off Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, come together and remove the politicians who don’t work for the people. Let’s take the majority of the money from Jeff, Mark and Elon and give it to poor people. We can write them an IOU or pay them in Virtual dollars.

Did you do it yet? No? Me neither.

You see… I’m not cynical… We really are screwed. At least until Coke, Nestle, Bezos and friends decide it’s profitable to find an alternative to plastic and pollution. 


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