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Susteo’s goal is to focus on meeting the commercial needs of the present without compromising future generations.

Our concept of sustainability is founded on supporting the three core pillars of sustainability: environmental, social, and economical (also known as planet, people & profits)Susteo encourages people to make consumer decisions that support one of the three pillars of sustainability. 

We aim to promote and encourage commercial models that focus on the long-term impact on our communities versus the current short term commercial models of quarterly earnings, growth by any means, and profits – which usually do not find their way back into communities from which they are gathered.

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How Susteo Works

Susteo is a platform which tries to address the balance back in favour of people and local communities. We do this in four ways:

Susteo Sklep
We want to help you to make healthier/happier shopping decisions by building a marketplace which delivers the most sustainably and ethically sourced products on the market.

Lokalne Sklepy
At first glance, our more intrepid sustainable partners may question where this concept fits into our model of sustainability.

At its very core, Susteo Lokalne Sklepy is an ambitious project designed to breathe life back into community shopping by allowing smaller traders and entrepreneurs to compete for your business on an even footing.

We all need diapers, not everybody wants to move to reusable – there will always be a need for everyday products. Even corporate products play a role in the world we live in today. Lokalne Sklepy is our effort to take the ever-expanding advantage away from the big corporate retailers and bring them back into the hands of individual local economies.

Domowe Wyroby
Susteo was founded by two people who lost their job as the 2020 COVID pandemic hit our world. Thankfully we didn’t struggle to put food on the table for our families – unlike so many others in Poland and across the world.

It is our hope and dream that Domowe Wyroby will help support people who find themselves in the same position, but have a skill and passion for making homemade products to find some income and maybe some will emerge to grow a small or medium-sized business out of this skill or hobby.

Those of you who can make candles, jams, bread, sandwiches, clothes, arts crafts, gifts or anything from your home can use Domowe Wyroby for free to market your products in your area.

Kup i Podaruj
Have you ever donated to charity and questioned how much of your donation will be set aside to do some good? It’s hard to know these days how our donations are helping people in need.

How many of your neighbours are struggling to put food on the table and are too proud to go to the food bank to support their family? The truth is we don’t know.

Kup i Podaruj asks that we consider buying / donating one extra essential item every week/month and to give it to somebody in need from your community. If you are in need Kupi i Podaruj will enable you to anonymously seek help from neighbours in your community during your time of need.

A percentage of all Susteo any profits will be given back to Kup i Podaruj

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Challenges we all face around sustainability

For big businesses moving towards a more sustainable business model is an impossibly complex task. Investments needed to deliver a more sustainable product or service may never offer a substantial return on investment for an established business. 

It’s very simple to understand why: investors in organizations who are focused on profits are less likely to adjust their expectations for returns because the planet and people are in need of change.

Additionally, the majority of consumers – driven by our nature and more often our needs, will seek out the best value for money when shopping for essentials, which usually means purchasing goods which have been manufactured, sourced, shipped, or sold unethically. 

As a result, we all want a more sustainable life, a more balanced economy, and a cleaner environment for our children, but market forces do not align with our wants as much as they cater to our impulse needs. Susteo aims to be a tool that will consolidate our individual baby steps towards a brighter future.

What happens when you buy via local sources

Here’s what happens when you purchase products, and services from people who trade in your local community:

  1. The bulk of your spend is reinvested inside your community
  2. The small local store owner pays taxes locally, resulting in more investment in services and social projects.
  3. The retailers can grow and hire more local people.
  4. Your community begins to prosper and this creates opportunities for future generations. 

Here’s what happens when you buy products from a local international retailer or franchise:

  1. They invest minimum wage salaries back into your community (but only if they have a physical presence)
  2. The majority of your spend leaves your community (possibly country) and doesn’t ever return. 

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